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Mastiff Litters

Tito and Athena my purebred English Mastiffs have had a new litter born July 10th 2021 in this litter is 9 puppies 4 brindle females, one brindle male, 3 Apricot/Fawn Males, and one dark on female. 3 of the dogs are already reserved so there are seven left. these purebred English Mastiffs Tito and Athena, our house dogs, they are part of the family. I am asking for a $450 deposit and $1,200 per dog see, they will come with the first shots, and their weights and flea treatments and deworming Etc. Mastiff dogs are a gentle giant dog that in ancient times guarded Kings. Tito is a gentle giant weighing in at 190 lbs. He just loves everyone and is so grateful all the time to see anyone that comes here, he just Wags and wags his tail end will come up and just wants to love you. Athena on the other hand is a very protective mother and she has also a very much more protective nature she on the other hand would not let you in the house. So with these Mastiffs you get the best of both worlds and all the puppies from the first litter are shown below. They have grown up to be very beautiful dogs. They at 6 months are now weighing about 87 lb. The last litter was born in January. I’ve included some photos of them. This is Ava, a dark Fawn female… She is such a love bug her mom says she just loves to cuddle with her son.

 this is

Kateena a dark brindle male,  from the first litter.

this is Max a Light Fawn male like his father

Here is a pictures of many of them people just love them. they are great dogs.