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Sheep and Goats

Morning time on Farm is one of the most peaceful times. There is a solitude in morning so quiet and still. But the goats greet you with such curiosity and excitement and love of life, mischievous and always moving. They are one of the most rewarding animals to raise, Milk Meat they have it all. Plus, they can eradicate invasive species of plants and they are not picky they love the scrub brush. But good fences are a must, electric works well. And multiple strands you don’t want them sneaking thru and eating your garden. Also, with goats they are very susceptible to parasites. A good worming plan is a must. There are natural herbs like garlic etc. that can be used as well. Goats are challenging and lots of fun. There a lot of breeds depending on what you want to do, and springtime is awesome for getting baby goats as there is a lot of them because of their breeding cycles. There are a lot of dairy buckling’s you can get for 10-40$ I raised them for meat even though they are a dairy animal the growth is slower but the initial price to get into them is low, but it does require you to feed the milk or a good milk replacer supplement. That itself can drive your cost up if you do not have an inexpensive source for it. Boer Goats are a great meat goat, price is much higher getting in, but you can get a buck, and a few does and let momma take care of the little ones. Breeding is challenging though. Birthing any live animals requires patience and care. And you have to be able to be your own vet, and do many things yourself to keep costs down, but there are a lot of good books and sites for help.