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About Us


Sarah & Jessica With Bunnies

In Stowe Vermont at our INN as a kid with my niece, I’m the bigger one.

Scott & Sarah at Silver Ridge Rabbitry

At Silver Ridge Rabbitry where it all began.

Raising Rabbits the Modern Way

And this is the book, that was in my parents library when I was a kid. Little did I know how much this would affect my life.

We started raising New Zealands, ten years ago, and have continued to greatly improve our stock. We began to raise for our own personal use to feed our family, and found that other were searching for stock, I began with four crossbred rabbits, and have since searched out great purebred rabbits from a meat rabbit breeding program at an agricultral school, and my show rabbits are from 9 top breeders in the county.  I continue to remain excited about this hobby, and have learned many lesson, and continue to learn on a daily basis.

Bunnies and Darwin

One of our first NZW cross babies, playing with our 120 lb. Shepherd

Baby Bunnies in Basket

Our First litter of New Zealands

.Best IN Show Doe

Our Registered Grand Champion Rabbit VJ, awesome rabbit