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Oats the new Super Food for Rabbits

Oats. Are a great choice as a supplement for Rabbits. They allow you to keep weight on in the winter. And. They have the ability. To keep flesh condition. Just a tiny bit of rolled oats. Like a tablespoon. You can get a 40-pound bag for like. $16.

For three rabbits. It will last you. Months and months. It does not provide. A. Alternative to grain. Must still feed your regular rabbit food. As well as any Hay. And Greens, you choose to use. Oats have literally saved rabbits for me. If they were off feed. Or having digestive issues. Hey also. If you’re not showing, it doesn’t matter as much. But they keep fur condition as well. Which makes a difference because he wants to breed each one of their rabbits in their most prime condition. Together. Individually. Feeding them in their own cups. Implement oats is best fed in the morning, and then fed at night. The dry matter in oats is 89%. As well as the crude protein being at 12%. Fat is 4.5%. It’s easy. Crude fiber is at. 12%. The fiber, the protein and the fat. Is so good.

It’s almost essential for New Zealand’s to keep condition. All the best breeders, for a long time have fed this. Study. And trial and error. Have led me. Here. Just the slightest bit is needed. As far as growth. As well. People want to get their animals.2. The highest Growth levels. With the least amount of feed. This is a way of adding thought. And fiber and protein. Without breaking the bank. It’s just funny. Most people are so concerned with. Feeding greens. Trying to get their rabbit. Grazing or. Eating. Grass. The funniest thing about that? Is that? How fat? Or how much meat would you produce on just greens? My guess is you would get thinner. And you’d lose weight if you ate just salad. We don’t really know. What rabbits eat? In the wild, is it just grass? Or is it tree branches and sticks and? Nuts and. I do know. From raising rabbits for years. Feeding a high quality. Rabbit food. Is an essential. Even if you feed less of it. That’s why I felt like the Oats were a really excellent supplement. Not to take away from their food, of course, but to enhance their. Diet and their natural ability to In the morning, so they have more chance throughout the day and then feeding there Rabbit pellets at night so that they have more chance to be constantly eating, which is the thing you will see of rabbits in the wild. Every rabbit you see is constantly. Eating. They need to. They are like horses in the way that they need hay there .Constantly eating keeps them warm, keeps them .Moving keeps their teeth moving .That makes them better themselves.

Whatever you do. It is the goal. Of a rabbit breeder .To raise the highest quality animal possible .It makes a difference in. The litters .It makes a difference in the stock you sell. It makes a difference in .The quality. Of. The breeder you become. Some people believe. That if you’re just raising them for meat. Hand. They are not. Going to be. Your. Stock. Or your animal that you choose to keep .I don’t know about you. But. I really. Don’t want .My. Meat And something I put in my body. To be raised. To just exist .I am honestly thoroughly sick of our food system. And I don’t believe. The animals are being treated properly .In our food system as it exists today. But I still have to go to the grocery store just like anybody else .I am choosing .To try to make my farm a lot more sustainable .By raising meat rabbits .And chickens? Again, maybe at some point. Why do you ask ?Because rabbit meat .Is .The most produced over beef in a year. can produce more rabbit .In one year. From one doe. Then you can from an entire thing of beef .

Rabbits are the easiest raised. In a small space. You can raise them at near garage. You can raise them in your basement. You can raise them in a barn in a shed. Even in backyard Hutches, depending on your weather. They are the leanest meat you can find. And easy to butcher. No plucking like a chicken. Back to the oats. They are an excellent supplement. So, try some. In your feed plan. It will actually save you money. 

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